How to book a party

When you want to book please look over the times and availability and call us to reserve a session.

Call 403.251.5166 to book your adventure.


Pick a day and time.

Rampage Paintball is open Saturday and Sunday from 9:00 am - 6:00 pm. We have 3 different sessions: 

9:00 am - noon

noon - 3:00 pm

3:00 - 6:00 pm.

When you pick a session please try to arrive 1/2 early to fill out the paper work and pick your packages.

A deposit is encouraged to make sure that we will have room for your group. A credit card number works great to reserve. Some sessions in the summer will fill up, so a reservation is required to make sure we have room for your group to play when you arrive to play.

We are open during the week if you have a group of 8+ players that want to come out. We are flexible with the times during the week and will book you a spot for 3 hours of play. A credit card or deposit will be needed to ensure that your group will be out.


Private Groups

If you have a group of 15+ players you will play in your own group with a ref supplied. If your group is over 15, you must  book so that we will have enough staff on hand to do this. If you do not  book and show up with 15+ players and want to play in your own group we cannot promise that this will happen. Book ahead to make sure this does not happen.

If you have less than 15 players you will be joined with other players that are renting gear. We supply a ref on the field and ensure that the rules are followed and that everyone is having a great time.

It is recommended that you phone and make a reservation to ensure that we have space for your group.


peewee paintball

What to do when you arrive

When your group arrives, everyone will have to fill out a waiver (can do this ahead of time by downloading it form our site and getting it filled out ahead of time). When you have all the players in your group, fill out what package you would like from the back of the waiver and proceed to the counter. Once everyone has paid for their package, suit up in the camouflaged coveralls (no mechanics coveralls here, how  can you hide in those?), grab a mask and get ready for the rules. We explain the gun rules and types of games we play, then hand out the markers, figure our teams and you are ready to go.

When everyone is done playing and handed in their gear we start up the barbecue and everyone get's 2 hot dogs to end the day.